Ask A Gay Doc

Dr. Corzano and KGAY’s John Taylor will take your FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) from the LGBTQ+ community about health issues. You can securely submit a question to:

You can participate by submitting questions for future “Ask the Gay Doc” segments.

Episode 3:

Everybody in the pool! With temperatures heating up and 50,000 pools in Palm Springs, KGAY’s John Taylor and Desert Oasis Healthcare’s Dr. Renzo Corzano get you ready to safely navigate the waters of pool party season in Episode 3 of Ask A Gay Doc. 

Episode 3

Episode 2:

The week of March 18 is the 22nd National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week. Dr. Corzano and John Taylor talk about what YOU should be aware of! #ILoveGayHealth

Episode 2

Episode 1:


In our first episode, Dr. Corzano gives us a report card on STI’s in the Coachella Valley.  There’s warning signals and advice on getting tested.  You’ll get the “hole” report here!

Episode 1