COVID-19 Precautions Training for Hospitality Employees From CVB

What Is T.E.A.M. GPS?

T.E.A.M. GPS is the CVB’s new program that equips local hospitality workers and residents with the knowledge and skills needed to create the best visitor experience possible.

We aspire to:  Teach – Use our firsthand knowledge of the destination to inform visitors of our unique history and experiences.

Engage – Be the first to say “hello” and make a visitor feel welcome. Smile. Make eye contact. Listen.

Advise – Offer suggestions, directions, even itinerary ideas to help them plan their stay.

Motivate – Inspire and move them to make the most of their time here and plan their return; let them see and feel your enthusiasm for Greater Palm Springs.

When people visit Greater Palm Springs, the experiences they have (good or bad) are a direct reflection of our destination’s tourism and hospitality community. It’s not only the restaurants, hotels and attractions that define someone’s stay but also the people. How they greet you. How they help you. How they make you feel.

Though our individual roles differ — chef, concierge, hostess, shop owner, slot attendant, valet, etc. — all of us who work in the tourism sector have the same mission: to create meaningful, positive experiences for visitors so they will return time and time again, which ultimately helps support our local economy and enhance everyone’s standard of living. When you think about it, it’s like we’re all players on the same team. Team Greater Palm Springs.

After all, a team comprises multiple people coming together and working toward a common goal and supporting each other along the way (as only the best communities do).Every unforgettable memory made, whether it’s a perfect dinner under the palms or an afternoon with top-tier drink service by the pool, is a win for the team.
We are excited to announce our first continuing education opportunity! In partnership with College of the Desert’s PaCE Program and the Greater Palm Springs Tourism Foundation, we will be offering a “COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS TRAINING FOR HOSPITALITY EMPLOYEES” course. As properties look to enforce COVID-19 requirements with guests, difficult situations may arise with guests adhering to the guidelines.

This de-escalation training offers all hotel employees guidance on how to reduce tensions and promote a safe environment while maintaining the spirit of hospitality throughout all interactions. The training guides employees in preparation and awareness, signs of escalation, staying calm, de-escalation steps, assisting others and getting help.

The training includes a brief assessment with unlimited attempts to earn an 80% passing score. Successful candidates can print a certificate of completion.

Classes are offered in English and Spanish; you’ll make your selection at time of registration. (content from email from Greater Palm Springs and Convention & Visitor’s Bureau)

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Team Palm Springs

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