Earth Day all Year: Plant a Tree or Donate to Foundation

This earth day is different than earth days in the past. The earth is getting a break right now from much less driving around the earth. Many people are at home now and it is a good time to plant new trees, start a garden or plant some bushes.

The trees and plants around the earth are like the lungs of the earth. We need to add as much as we can to the earth, which helps bring us Oxygen and help the environment. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Start a vegetable garden in your yard or if you only have small space plant a garden in some planters.
  2. Plant a fruit tree in your yard. Next year you will have some peaches or oranges in your yard. Free fruit is amazing and it really does taste better coming from your yard.
  3. Trim your existing plants so they grow better and look nice in your yard.
  4. Teach your kids or other family members about what you know to create a nice garden of vegetables or herbs for your household.
  5. Donate to a foundation that plants trees in the world, which provides jobs and creates a better environment.

For more information about donating to an organization to plant trees check out the following: There are many others also if you search for “plant a tree donations”.

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