Fitness Ideas During Self-Quarantine

Kevin & Fitness

Fitness is a good idea when you cannot go out and do other things. Now you cannot go to the gym and you need to practice social-distancing you need to think of ways to get your exercise and fitness done.

Here are some examples:

Talk a walk around your home during the day and keep a good pace. Practice Social-distancing during your walk also.

If you have stairs where you live you can use them for a great way to get some cardio exercise. Keep it simple and within what your capabilities.

Many of the local gyms that are closed now have live or recorded fitness classes on their apps. Check the app to find out.

Get an inexpensive exercise bike delivered to your house like a slim cycle as an example. Also there are some small pedaling units you can put under your desk available on Amazon that you can pedal while sitting at your desk or watching TV on the couch.

Make sure to get quality sleep also. This may be the time you can get more sleep than you normally get.

Order a Yoga mat or put town a towel or blanket and so some stretching while watching TV.

Listen to some music and dance.

Relax and watch some educational programs to help with the stress from the entire situation.

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