Notes from Post Office about Voting by Mail

The post office has put out information to help you plan your vote by mail if you plan to use a mail in ballot. Today there was a decision by a Federal judge that the Post office needs to go back to the way they were operating before the new Post Master General made changes that slowed the mail service.

Here are the steps recommended from the Post Office:

Start Today. Give Yourself and your election officials ample time to complete the process.

Rules and dates vary by state. Contact your election board to confirm. Find links at or find the information by state at

Request your mail-in ballot (often called “absentee” ballot) as soon as you can or look at your state’s requirements.

Once you receive your mail in ballot, make sure to follow the instructions, add a stamp and sign your ballot. It is critical that you sign your ballot.


It is best if you mail your ballot back as quickly as you can when you get it in the mail. California does count the ballots for many days after the day of elections.

It is our power as Americans to vote.

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