Now is a Good Time to Call Someone – Not just a Text

Talk on the phone

Since many of us are self-quarantining at home it is good time to pick up your phone and CALL someone. We need to reconnect with people on a more personal level with our voice.

It is nice to hear someone’s voice who may be here in Palm Springs or far away. We have become afraid to “disturb” someone by calling them. We need to stop thinking you are a disruption and believe that your phone call is welcome. It is true someone may be busy when you call. They can listen to your voicemail and call you back.

This is an awaking for all of us! We need to realize how important our relationships are to us both for personal and business.

Make it your priority to call someone and start making it part of your daily routine to call members of your family, friends who are out of the area, business clients or customers. Reconnect with or just find out how they are doing.

Getting a phone call from someone from your past or present can really make your day. So think about how you can make someone’s day just by hearing your voice.

I know my 94 year old mom loves to get calls from my kids and me. It is critical to keep the spirits up for our elderly. Our elderly are the most at risk and the most isolated now during this COVID-19 virus crisis.

We will get through this together and I see even better things in the future because we will have learned how to reconnect with our voices and not just by a text on the screen. – Marilyn

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