The Key Benefits of Mediation are Powerful

Divorce mediation is an excellent alternative to the aggressive and often stressful route of the courts that avoids the cost, length, and labyrinthine procedures, replacing them with a straightforward process of good faith negotiation with the guidance of a professional mediator. 

Mediator Rich Gordon has been assisting couples find their way to a fair and supportive resolution to their relationship for nearly twenty years in downtown San Diego, helping to resolve custody, finance, and property disputes to mutual satisfaction.

The Key Benefits of Mediation are Powerful:

·         Safe environment

·         Encourages exploration of all options

·         Speedy and workable settlements

·         No winners or losers

·         Relaxed atmosphere

·         Resolves differences

·         No court appearances

With the gentle help of a trained mediation professional (who only intervenes when necessary) couples make their own important decisions concerning issues such as:

·         Retirement Distribution

·         Visitation & Custody

·         Property Division

·         Spousal & Child Support

·         Debt Repayment

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