About California’s June 15 reopening, from Capacity limits to the Mask Mandate

What will change starting June 15?

All counties, regardless of how high or low coronavirus transmission is, will be allowed to reopen all at the same time. The health department is recommending that everyone get the vaccine also.

In short, pretty much everything will be allowed to go back to normal. There won’t be any required capacity limits, no more physical distancing, and much looser mask mandates.

All those lifted restrictions are at the state level. Counties, cities and local businesses still have the right to set their own capacity limits or other rules, as they see fit.

At outdoor live events with more than 10,000 people, California will recommend venues have a verification of vaccination/negative test in place. Those who aren’t vaccinated or who don’t show a negative test result can still enter if they wear a mask. This is a recommendation from the state, not a requirement.

These guidelines are going to be in place for conferences, conventions, concerts, sporting events and the like until Oct. 1. The California Department of Public Health says it will re-evaluate the situation on Sept. 1 and decide if an extension is necessary.

For more information you can go to : https://abc30.com/june-15-california-gov-newsom-mask-off-reopening/10766942/

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