Carl Nassib of Las Vegas Raiders Is first Player to come out as Gay While Active on Roster

During Gay Pride Month we have news from the NFL. The following is from the website, who have many stories of courage in the LGBTQ community.

“On June 21, 2021, Carl Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders became No. 16 and the first one to come out as gay while on an active roster.


The NFL has played for more than 100 years and there have been 16 gay or bi players to come out publicly. To only have 16 out players among the thousands who have been on preseason, practice squad or regular season NFL rosters (23,000 and counting in a survey done in 2014) is barely a blip and shows the stigma that still surrounds people who play football.

Over the years, Outsports has known of a few other players who are gay but have never come out, even when retired. Dave Kopay was the first player to come out, in 1975, three years after retiring after a nine-year career.

Despite their small numbers, these 16 are trailblazers and have inspired many LGBTQ people in sports and every walk of life, so they are to be applauded.”

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