Time to Fill out the 2020 Census

The census is very important to all areas to get the funds needed for roads, schools, health services and more. The Census only happens every 10 years and it is easy to fill out online. You can go to https://my2020census.gov/ and you fill out the very simple census for your address. The Census sent out codes to help you fill it out, but you do not need the code to fill out the census, you just need your full address. If you have an issue with filling it out online or calling a Census worker will contact you. It is critical that everyone is counted.

Fill out the Census

The information for the Census pertains to who was living at your home on April 1, 2020. All you need to do is enter your exact address and it track the information and you will be complete for the 2020 Census.

In a normal situation without Covid-19 Census workers would come to addresses where no Census was filled out by mailing it in or online. We need to make sure we all fill out the Census online so we can eliminate the need for the people to come around to ask the questions for the Census.

The bottom line is that we need to get what we deserve for funding from the government for the next 10 years so we need to be counted accurately.

If you have not filled out the census take a few minutes and fill it out. It is very simple online. https://my2020census.gov/ Everyone needs to be counted by about Sept 3, 2020. The deadline was move to mid-August becuase of the Covid-19.

If you have more questions you can go to https://2020census.gov/

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